Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More on Natchez Trace Trip

I have really fell behind on doing any posting. 
 And completely left out the last part of our Natchez Trace trip in April!
So here is the deal...we hoped to finish out the Trace,
but only made it up to Meriweather Lewis. 
So guess there is another trip in works...we will finish the Trace!!!
Here are some pics from our Jackson to Meriweather Lewis trip

We stopped at the French Camp and it has a great historic center and museum there.

Also there is the Council House Cafe and the potato soup and
the 'Big Willie' BLT was great!!!

This pic below is a little hard to see because of the  screen
they had to prevent us from entering, but loved the wood floors, walls
and ceilings.  The old beds and sewing machine.

Below is the museum and it is full of old photos, historic papers,
wonderful vintage clothes and vintage tools and much more!
You can check out more about the French Camp here 

North of Tupelo there is a side trip you can take, that
will take you onto part of the original trace.   Just one lane
and dirt roads.  Only about 2 miles so not too long.
This part of the Trace show some of the destruction of the
torando that came through last year, April 2011. Lots of
trees down for a long way.
And finally to Meriweather Lewis monument on the
Natchez Trace.
Lewis was traveling on the Trace north and was
'mysteriously' killed....or so they say.....
We turned our truck around, headed back to the campground
in Tupleo. There is a nice Natchez Trace Visitor's Center in Tupelo on the Trace.
The Natchez Trace Campground  (I think)
Nice campground, and they are working on more improvements.


  1. That's something we want to do someday. I have a friend in Ridgeland, MS that lives right in the curse of the Natchez Trace which is also right off a main interstate. Enjoyed your pics.

  2. Shirley, it is a wonderful experience, especially if you like civil war history which I do.
    I forgot to mention that we saw lots of wildlife, mostly turkeys and deer.
    We have friends in Clinton which is on the west side of Jackson and near the Trace.
    Hope you get to go soon...:)


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